Watch Ano Evolve The Sacramento EDM Scene
Watch Ano Evolve The Sacramento EDM Scene

Watch Ano Evolve The Sacramento EDM Scene

When you think of the musical nightlife of Sacramento, do you immediately think of EDM? Well if not, one of the hottest up and coming EDM DJ’s in Sacramento is trying to change all of that. Most of us grew up with the generic ideas of working in a mainstream line of work, like becoming a doctor, a lawyer or working for the government. Well so did Ano, his original plans never included music, instead, he was pursuing a career in the air force. But due to some unforeseen events in his life, everything he thought he would be pursuing completely shifted. From a young age, he was introduced by his uncle to electronic and house music, and to the world of creative arts. He didn’t know it then, but that love of music would eventually step into a life-changing career for him.

olved his own love of hip-hop and house music from the things he learned from his uncle.  He connected heavily with Flosstradamus and Carnage, because of their combination of hip-hop and EDM in a time where most of the music derived or was mixed with Pop. Both played major roles in his fascination with Hip-hop infused EDM and Dubstep. When he got older he spent more time around his older brother, who also was in the music industry. Seeing that the nightlife in Sacramento was lacking in the EDM arena, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Ano absorbed everything he could from his brother and uncle and finally decided to try EDM Dj’ing on his own and found immediate success.

Thanks to attributes from his musical and strong-willed family, Ano feels he can truly be himself; a creative, and successful EDM DJ, rather than the military man he thought he would grow up to be. His grandfather, brother, and mother are the most influential people in his life. They are his biggest supporters and advocates, from attending his events to giving him lessons on how to succeed in the industry, and simply paving the way for him to follow his dreams. Ano’s family are essential parts of why he loves what he does and how he finds the will and determination to continue to pursue his passion.

In an effort to bridge the gap of the EDM disconnect in Sacramento, Ano is creating this amazing website called This website will be a one-stop-shop for people in Sacramento that love all things EDM. Music, blog posts, events, up and coming artists, and even a web series about EDM music, for EDM enthusiasts, will all be displayed. EVOLTN will be a forum for EDM lovers and artists to get themselves out there and open Sacramento up to the broader world of EDM. Understanding that EDM is a larger scene than most people realize, Ano created an adaptive series that will expand upon the different forms of EDM. In each episode, he will explore a new dimension of EDM to open your mind and also help him to grow as an EDM artist. He wants to expand his musical knowledge, through music theory and production so that he can steer away from the cookie-cutter music we listen to daily.

Ano is one of the dopest up and coming EDM DJ’s in Sacramento and he is ready to bring a new understanding and love of EDM to the city. To watch his progress, and follow his amazing journey, go to and follow him on all social media platforms, and also follow his personal page on IG @callmeano to get to know the man behind the scenes.

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