Dame La Soul – Doodie Certified EP
Dame La Soul – Doodie Certified EP

Dame La Soul – Doodie Certified EP

Versatile Underground Artist, DAME LA SOUL, hailing from South Sacramento, CA is always supplying an original Hip-Hop vibe with every verse he spits. His chill and laid back style provides his followers an easy listening experience with each new project he releases.

Recently, he teamed up with the good folks at California Steeze to release his newest project DOODIE CERTIFIED EP.

This project is nothing short of Spectacular, definitely the vibes that any true California Kid would want to wake up and slap!

So go do just that! Slap that! Bump that! Run that! Sploosh Life!

DAME LA SOUL – DOODIE CERTIFIED EP (Sponsored by California Steeze)

  1. Stitched Lip (Intro)
  2. Face the Funk (feat. Esau World)
  3. Doodie Certified
  4. Early Morning
  5. Get Up Out My Face (feat. Jorin)



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