A resident DJ of Folsom’s Powerhouse Pub, North Sacramento DJ Ano has begun his ascent as an up and coming DJ building his own unique style. Though he keeps his roots close, he is far removed from the footsteps of friends and relatives in which he began to grow into the industry with.

As a massive fan of EDM music, he draws inspiration from events and festivals he has been to himself. Specifically, EDC Las Vegas in 2016, it was there where he really took notice of the DJ’s effect on the crowds, and more importantly how a single person could control the masses. That was the exact moment he understood that this is what he wanted to do as a DJ.

Previously dedicated to photography and blogging, he was also granted media access to the Snow Globe Music Festival in 2016. It was there where he was able to see the “other” side of the industry, seeing how other DJ’s lived and how they were treated as they performed.

A year later, and now as a full-time artist, Ano continues to draw inspiration from all over California. He describes his style as Trap and Dubstep, while incorporating the up-tempo Hip Hop into the EDM genre he plays. Already receiving massive praise from the crowds he has been able to perform in front of, going forward, Ano has even bigger plans!

When describing the music scene for an upcoming DJ, Ano talked about how difficult it can be for new artists to get booked for shows. Most venues and promoters already have a set list of artists to choose from. In an effort to break onto the scene, Ano has developed his own brand, EVOLTN. A collective of up and coming electronic artists, EVOLTN, is a platform for the people. Promising to be the breath of fresh air that the Northern California music scene needs, he has created his own lane for artists to follow and promote themselves along the way.

(Official California Steeze DJ)