Attention All Sneakerheads, Meet The Plug

Camp outs, in store raffles, online draws, and app check ins. No matter the set up, each one of us has been victim to an “L” at the hands of our favorite sneaker store or fashion brand release.  It’s just part of the game, and really really unless you’re an A list celebrity or someone with stupid racks to drop on any limited release, taking L’s on limited releases is something we have to deal with.  

We’ve got the plug, and we’re willing to share. Our supporters fuck with us, so it’s only right that we hook y’all up for showing love to us.  

I’ll keep it simple.  

Daanveer is that man. He can get you almost any shoe or clothing item that is in limited release that you need.  He’s a chef with the cart checkouts on release day.  This kid has been known to cook up multiple pairs of Yeezy’s on release day, and swoop in and check out multiple items of clothing when they drop; including Supreme, Bape, & Off White.  

    I’ve personally went through him for multiple pairs of the Cream & Zebra 350 Yeezy Boosts, but don’t take my word for it, find him on Twitter @Danimal1124, check his pinned tweet, and you’ll find plenty of replies from verified purchases for his services. 

    If you want an item, DM him. His DM’s are always open (for business purposes, but ladies, you’re more than welcome as well), send him a message requesting a product, a small fee is negotiated, information is traded, and once the item is added to the cart and secured, you’ll have your new pair, shirt, or whatever hot release novelty Supreme has released in no time.  

    100% legit. 100% authentic. 100% secure.  Below is Daanveer’s contact information, let him know California Steeze Magazine referred you, and he’ll hook it up.  The next Yeezy release is in October, you can take your chance and be gladly handed out the good old Adidas L, go to Kicx Unlimited downtown and let them rape your pockets, or, go see our mans and let him get you what you need. 

Twitter: @Danimal1124
StockX: @Danimal1124
Ebay : @Danimal1124