Can I get a digital detox please?

Photography by  @ColourMeClassic

Photography by  @ColourMeClassic

Millenials live’s have grown to substantially revolve around social media. That could be; making sure we get the perfect angles for our pics on Instagram, staying woke on Facebook or reposting some of the most relevant and up to date gossip and news on Twitter.

However, this raises the question of what kind of effect is social media having on your mental stability and overall state of mind. One day I found myself forced into a situation in which I had to go without my phone. (I recklessly left it at home on the way to work) Although my immediate reaction was me freaking out, I then was overcome with relief. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to check my social media, and not feeling the urge to walk the extra mile on my break to go to Poké stops and catch Pokémon. I had a sigh of relief… but it didn’t last long.

After about 30 minutes, I had to continuously remind myself that I didn’t have my phone, and that ding I kept hearing wasn’t for me. It was like I was hooked on a drug, and every time I reached for the place where I usually lay my phone, I felt that I was reaching for my fix. From about 8:00 AM- 10:00AM I know I must have looked like I overdosed on coffee. I was on edge, jittery, I honestly didn’t think I had it that bad.

After 11:30 AM is when the peace and tranquility finally set in. I realized I was more focused, more efficient and by 1:00 PM all of my work was done for the day. Simply not having my phone at work made me extremely more productive. I was so productive that I had to ask my boss for more projects to do and honestly, I think I started to bug her. 5:00 PM rolled around and I finished two days’ worth of work in one, and my boss was quite impressed.

Ok, so I know you’re asking yourself, Rhema…what does this have to do with me? My question to you is, how addicted to social media are you? I never would’ve thought I would react as badly as I did, do you think that you could handle the test? Now, I understand not all of us can just leave our phones at home, but could you turn yours off, or put it on silent and not check it for an entire day? I challenge you to have ONE DAY of a digital detox and see how you do. And if you’re an Intermediate player, could you go a week?

After that day, I have subjected myself to days without social media. Of course, some days I fail, but forcing myself to say no to my social media urges has presented me with more days of peace, better sleep and even more energy. I dare you to try it and see how it goes, and tweet me your results using #CaliforniaSteeze! Do you have any crazy withdrawal symptoms? Did you breakdown, or did you completely smash the challenge? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say and see how you hold up, compared to me!