Have you ever seen a new born baby kill a grown man?

If you’re lucky enough, there’s beings that you cross paths with on this imperil journey of life that resonate with the most authentic part of you. Their mere presence deepens your connection with self. 20 year old South Sacramento native Issa has been blessed with the ability to do just that. With the strength to express himself in a way that he refers to as, “Sticking to the walls”, (his intrinsic methodology of story-telling), Issa’s magic lies in the power to make anyone that encounters him, hears his music, or see’s him perform, fall into themselves.

Issa’s musical career bloomed from casual beginnings. He came from the need to ‘let what he kept inside out’, and his experiences laid the foundation for transparency in his art and personal growth. By having the insight from a young age to perceive what was happening around him, Issa poetically relayed his observations into spoken word and song. Clarifying in rhythmic fashion stigmatized observations that most of us go through but do not or would not be able to articulate.

Photography by Erica Cervantez - @EBCPhotos 

Photography by Erica Cervantez - @EBCPhotos 

Having a passion to assist and help people cope with themselves, Issa works alongside the neighborhood youth as a mentor and advocate for mental health. This is a passion that’s developed through his own trauma and healing. By rising from the darkness, he was able to embrace and shine light onto others and act as a beacon of courage and hope in the community.

Also, if you’re a believer in astrology, it says that his sun sign of Pisces will lead him down the whimsical stream of revelation for his days to come. I’m eager to watch him grow into his greatest potential. You all should too!


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