#HOFDay is arriving fast! The celebration brings attention to all Sacramento creative's who dare to be inspired, and remain true to themselves while expressing their art. Although all Sacramento natives love a great party and as #HOFDAY arrives, energy is radiating all throughout our city. 

#HOFDAY shows the upmost hospitality to Sacramento by giving the people something to be a part of by allowing them to have the spotlight. This is a big deal, not just for the home grown talent but for everyone else who attends this festival. Sacramento is largely becoming a statewide destination, gaining national recognition for our cities culture and taste in fashion and music.

The mass number of attendees last year will pale in comparison to this years event. Event producers expect the largest turn out ever for this years festival, and though all ages 

are welcome, the website does state that "All immature MF's will be removed without refund." This spotlight for the Northern California culture and lifestyle is refreshing for many is set to go on 9/16/17 at 915 Front Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 from 3:00PM-10:00PM.

The show is going to be packed with 15k+ party goers, and over 30 DJ's and performers lighting up speakers with Hip Hop and EDM sounds. Just to name a few like Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers, Warm Drew, DJ Amen & Kool John, Hippie Sabotage, Noodles, CGM, Advisry, Ajani, C Plus, Domino and a plethora of others, live with special guest. For a full list of live performers who will be there, dates, times and future festivities, check out the HOFisBetter website, www.HOFDayParty.com & stay tuned to California Steeze's website, as our new blog writers, Kendra Rhodes and Deanjanee Jackson bring you all the coverage up to and including the festival, that you need!

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