#HOFDay2017: The Philharmonik

How excited are you to be performing at HOF day this year?

I’m incredibly excited, I heard about it last year and knew it was big since Metro Boomin was headlining. Unfortunately, it was too late when I found out about it. When I made my list of goals for 2017, one of the goals was to perform at HOFDAY. I've been looking forward to this since I heard about it so I'm ready.

2.What has been some of your biggest musical accomplishments thus far?

My biggest musical accomplishment thus far has been more of a series of goals that I've achieved in this year alone. I made a written list of about 10-12 things I wanted to accomplish this year as an artist (SXSW, CIP, HOF). I've achieved all of them except for two (Viral video, 10,000 fans).

3. How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't had a chance to listen to it yet? What would be the first song you recommend them to listen to?

If you like Soul music, you'll like me. Well...hopefully. I do hip-hop here and there, heavily influenced by Kanye West in that realm but Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo, Prince, and Earth Wind and Fire are who I get inspired by so hopefully you hear their influence in my sound.

4. How would you say Sacramento inspires or influences your sound musically?

The people supporting my music keep me inspired to keep creating. That and my life experiences that I convey in my music also have taken place here. I practically lived here all of my life and experiencing this city as an adult is a pretty inspiring experience that makes heavy contributions to my legacy both present and future.

5. Where's your favorite place to chill in Sac?

Sol Collective #SOLLIF baby! And Flamingoest, the new bar in Sac. If you haven't gone, you should. But I really like chilling at my house cause I make music there

Interview Conducted by Deanjanee Jackson & Kendra Rhodes