#HOFDAY2017: J' Rocque Thomas

If you’re attending HOFDay, be on the lookout for the up and coming artist J' Rocque Thomas. He was born and raised in Washington, D.C. but calls California is his second home after moving here 12 years ago. The 26-year-old California artist was inspired by his uncle growing up. Seeing that he was a successful musician and artist, this sparked something in J' Rocque that made him want to be just like him. So J'rocque started dabbling in art, fashion, and music, but he found that his true love was ultimately art. He uses his art to conceptualize what he considers beautiful, and brought it to life on canvas. “I’m inspired by everything I see. The world is beautiful. I just like to show it to others, they don’t always see it”, says J' Rocque.

     His most established form of art is realism. Whether it’s drawing "MF Doom", sketching out "The Jacka", or even immortalizing the beautiful muses in his life, he likes for his art to show the life and realness of the people and the things that he sees. To find inspiration, he spends his time at "Workspace", located at the Capitol Connection Studio. This is where he can vibe with other creatives while they come together and play music, direct music videos and create web content. 

     His most prized art pieces are also some of his more intimate works. “The Red Woman” and “The Turquoise Woman,” are beautifully drawn nude portraits of women that have been his muses throughout his life. His work embodies his fascination and admiration for women. “I was worried some would consider them “tasteless”, but everyone seems to understand my approach and respect it for what it is.” Both represent milestones in my career” continues J' Rocque.

      J' Roque's pieces are filled with emotion, reality, and admiration. He is well versed in many forms of art and enjoys his connection with each of them. On HOFDAY he’ll be able to showcase his abilities by presenting his paintings, while conducting a live painting session at his booth. Want to see more of his work? Come out to HOFDAY you won’t be disappointed!