More life: 5 Methods of Meditation That’ll Tune Ya’ Back In.


I’ve been an avid meditator for that past 7 years now, and although I’m no Dalai Lama, I can say that doing so has decompressed and expanded my mind in a way that has changed and elevated my perceptions and saved me from leaping off the ledge (figuratively of course, *insert anime eye’s).

Meditation constantly reconnects me back to my heart. Whenever I feel swayed and in moments of fast-paced-high stress, which I feel like is damn near hard to hide from these days, meditation has slowed me down.

In a time period and culture that shuns being “off” from digital to substance, it’s imperative that we millennials incorporate the natural routine of going within ourselves to filter the bullshit out. And more than ever, we need to keep grounded.

Meditation is an accessory that we all should keep tucked in a safe corner of our mental toolbox. If you’re new to it, or just apprehensive about it, it can seem daunting and intimidating. Luckily for us, the guru gods have cultivated many methods that are as fluid as we’d like to be.


Here’s a few Easy Faves:

Deep Breathing: Simply counting and focusing on your breath.

Guided mediation: Do it alone or with a group. This method involves being guided by a trained guru in person or over recorded video, audiovisual, or sound. I personally use an app called “Omvana” that offers a catalog of mediations for whatever thoughts or feelings I may be having. There’s plenty of apps out in the techniverse that’ll mesh with your personal preferences. And if you prefer a group setting, The Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group offers free weekly classes to all, no matter religion, race, or gender pro-noun. It’s all love.

Mantra’s /Affirmations: Involves verbally or mentally repeating phrases that help guide you back to your essence. These quotes can diversify from Sanskrit scriptures to Biblical verses or just kind words that your spirit needs to hear. There’s truly no wrong way or words to say. Whatever keeps you in alignment.

Yoga: Encompasses matching breath with specialized movement that work with the inner Qi (Chi) of your emotional body. AND There’s different styles to suit your personal specifications. From Yang (Vinyasa, Hatha, Power) to more subtle forms  like Yin, which are more meditative. There’s just enough options to keep you excited and feeling centered. My 2 favorite spots to practice in town are (The yoga Seed collective and Zuda yoga, ) and if I’m in the mood for something more personal, (Yoga with Adriene ) is my go to gal for when I want to kick back at the house.

Observational: Now this method’s a little more complex. Because it consists of “watching” your thoughts and not making judgements about them, it can be hard to stay on task and not get involved. The theory behind this says that the less attention to thoughts give less space for them to sprout. Not conversing with your inner dialogue may sound obscure but just think about how many ideas and memories intrude the present that send us back and forth from the past to the future in a single day. I don’t know about you but at the end of the day I’m washed by brain chatter. Sheesh!

Not too bad, huh?!

I know it could be a task in itself to vibe out in peace these days. But just dedicating some time to your spirit can make all the difference in the flow of life and over time, solidity in consciousness and self.


Written by Kela