More Life: Take Less

Psychology says that: “Despite our idealization of choice, we actually dislike having too many of them. We tend to regret our decisions, obsess over other options, or simply not choose at all”.


In the almighty realm of American consumerism and capitalism, it’s our disposition to constantly feel like we want and need more. Recent research surveys and polls discover that having too many alternatives can actually paralyze us. So much so, that the desire of having more is now detrimental to our happiness. The power of choice often imprints the question in our minds, “What if I make the wrong one?” Which totally makes sense right? because who doesn’t want to do and get what-ever they want? Right?........ Rigggggght……

In a blind study posed by the American Psychological Association, participants were asked to pick a gifted piece of art to take home. Those that were told that they could exchange their selection if they wanted, tended to show less appreciation for the art entirely. While those that weren’t given any options tended to just be grateful for just being presented with a gift (Beaton, 2015). Sounds far too familiar in far too many ways, doesn’t it?

Perhaps we should think not of having options to make us happy, but Instead, being happy with what we already have.The power of practicing gratitude is bountiful. I know that when I do decide to take the time to appreciate what I have, I tend to have a positive outlook on life, sleep better, and show more compassion and kindness to others. Overall, I just feel more relaxed, competent, and comfortable.

By adjusting your focus to what really matters. Showing gratitude slowly re-calibrates how you perceive situations. Writing down the things that you’re grateful for at the end of each day can shift your overall health, well being, and life satisfaction. When you glance back at that sheet of paper, you realize that you might have far more than you can ever really need and can hope for.

Maybe having too many options readily available is the last thing our culture needs. Maybe the best solution is showing love to the things and people that are here.

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