Podcasts for the Culture

As a Millennial I have become addicted to podcasts. Although I tried to fight it, it was inevitable. Music isn’t cutting it, radio is out of the question, so Podcasts come all the way through, either by keeping me mentally sound, or by filling my cup to the brim with the latest tea.

I listen to podcasts that range from spiritual to ratchet, with a bit of health and wellness in between. For those of you looking for some cultural, conscious, fashion forward, or relatable podcasts here are a few that might be perfect for you! My top 10 are; The Black Girl Podcast, The Read, Pop Fashion, One Church L.A, The Friend Zone, The Chambers and Moore-Chambers Show, Side Hustle Pro, Table Talk with Tottie, ESPNW: Be Honest with Cari Champion and Levar Burton Reads. Depending on my mood and vibe for the day the order may change, but each one feeds into my daily lifestyle and mindset.


Black Girl Podcast is basically conversations about things that are relevant to the African American community, whether it be bad break-ups, protests, gentrification or discussions revolving around the latest episodes of Insecure. The 5 beautiful hosts leave nothing unsaid and definitely don’t sugar coat what they have to say. Their podcast is raw, relatable and real, and hunty I’m here for all of it!

One of my favorites to listen to for a good laugh has to be The Chambers and Moore-Chambers Show. This multicultural couple are absolutely hilarious, they share a few drinks before and during the show as they open up about past and present situations, opportunities, ordeals and my favorite their story times. They are a great listen for anyone that loves accents, adult humor, and ridiculous story times.

One Church L.A is for those of us that enjoy a good sermon on days other than just Sunday.  Pastors Touré and Sarah Roberts preach and give your soul the food it needs to get through the week. I listen to Sarah more for the comical and easy to relate to sermons, and Touré for the deeper more mentally stimulating sermons. Both are great and I adore them as a couple, they are definitely relationship goals spiritually, mentally and physically.


Now for the rest of the podcasts you are going to have to listen to them yourself to find out more about them. They are all so good, I definitely believe that finding one you love will not be hard to do. If you know of some podcasts that you feel would be great to listen to that are not listed, feel free to leave a comment below or tweet us about the podcast you love and hashtag #CaliforniaSteeze. I would love to hear more about podcasts, that will hopefully help elevate, they motivate my daily life and yours too! Want to stay in touch? Add me on my social media platforms and let’s keep the conversation going!