Tearin' Up Tread w/ Rigo Solano & Family

The Solano Family has cast a long net of dominance over both the local and national circuit of competitive BMX Racing. The trio of racers, consisting of Rigo Solano Sr., Rigo Solano Jr., and Annalyse Solano, boast impressive accomplishments that include each of them individually holding current Top 5 State Rankings, and multiple Western Conference and USA Championships. The individual and team success of the trio has allowed them each to grow together as a family unit, travel much more than they could have ever expected, and develop a bond that will remain long after the dirt clears and the dust disappears from each victorious race event.

The California Steeze Sponsored BMX Riders’ are currently riding for Elite Vendetta out of Citrus Heights, CA. The Solano Family is getting prepared for a very big year in 2017. Rigo Sr., enters as the #1 ranked rider in California in the 28-35 year old age group. He has won 2 out of the last 3 Gold Cup Championships, and looks to continue dominance amongst the Western Conference circuit. Rigo Jr., his son, is ranked #1 on the West Coast circuit and #4 in the State ranked 10 year old Open Division. Annalyse, his daughter, is now a national rider, she has earned a #29 National ranking, #1 in her age group, #1 Gold Cup ranking, #2 State ranking, and has an optimistic outlook on competing in the Olympics in the soon future.

The Solano family has made dominance a family affair. What began as a hobby has become the groundwork for success within the sport for many years to come. After speaking with Rigo, the voice of a proud father is heard loud and clear. Success seems to be just a byproduct of love. A love for the sport, and a love for his family. The sharing of a common interest and goal is remarkable to witness and only strengthens the bond put forth between father and son and father and daughter. It was an absolute privilege to speak with Rigo Sr. about his accomplishments and his family. Don’t worry, if you don’t know who they are, their success won’t take long to be noticed. Greatness has a way of appearing even when not announced, and the Solano Family needs no further introduction.

Photography by John Morlan