Steeze Sessions With @YD_THE REAL


Photography by Erica Cervantez - @EBCPhotos


YD was recently showcased at Steezetember hosted by Exhale Smoke Shop here in Sacramento. He let me pick his brains and get the scoop on who he is as an artist how he balances home life with music and family and so much more. 

S&S: How did music become something you knew you wanted to persue?

YD- Music was a hobby at first then it started to overpower my life. After I made my first song and my first music video my mom told me that I got it and I need to run with it. At that point I invested all my money into music and never looked back.

Is there any new material that you’re coming out with that we should be on the look out for?

I have a 12 track album coming out late November/ early December called “YD – Love To Hate It”. I think it’s my best project yet and there’s way more to come.

So, where can we find your music?  Youtube? Soundcloud? etc? ..

All of my music can be found on my Soundcloud. 

Youtube - @YD
Instagram - @YD_TheReal

You can also find me on spotify, google play store and iTunes. 

In your Aktion music video I see you use the PAC Man game as a theme, I think that’s super cool, do you play a lot of video games in your pass time ?

Thank you, but the idea was all from the director J Million, but yea I know it s kind of weird, I play video games everyday. They are a part of my everyday life, I’ve always been good at them so why not. I’m one of them people that if im losing I’ll try and blame the game.

Is there anything else you do outside of music creatively?

Well I enjoy all sports activities for the most part. I used to draw and after high school ended I was an apprentice at a tattoo shop but gave it up due to the shop closing.

How do you balance being a full time parent and finding time to pursue your music career?

You know what it’s hard to manage being a good father and have time to work on my music, but I adapted. I had a contractor come to my house and build a home studio in my living room so I have no excuses to not make music.

Where do you want music to take you as far as life?

Photography by Jennifer Esquival -@JennySpitz

Photography by Jennifer Esquival -@JennySpitz

Of course the overall goal is to make it but, my overall goal of my journey is to provide my daughter and my family with a comfortable life and living structure.

Do you perform live often ? What’s the most memorable concert you’ve been to or performed at?

Photography by Erica Cervantez - @EBCPhotos

I have performed over 25 plus shows in the past two and a half years including features, open mics, scheduled performances, and special guests.  The best concert I’ve performed at was a show during the tour for Kool John, Nef the Pharaoh, HBK and Show Banga at the Boardwalkback in 2015 when I first started doing live events. 

How would you say your music has changed from when you first started till now?

I would say my music has changed a lot since I started, back when I was younger I had no filter, no sense of rapping. I was just doing it and it sounded good, now I’m slowly starting to get myself and my voice to where I want it to sound.  I’m not complete yet I still have a lot to work on to be able to say I’m happy , but I’m happy on where I’ve started to where I am now most definitely.

And lastly how do you want to be remembered as an artist?

I want to be remembered as a good dude first and foremost, I can’t really speak on my journey because this isn’t even the beginning in my eyes. I have a lot to accomplish on my path but of course I want to be remembered as an example to always chase your dreams no matter what!

Gotta thank YD again for being a dope artist and letting me pick his brain.  Agin, y’all can find him on SoundCloud , Youtube and the links above. 

Steeze&Soul signing out!