CHY, a local Alternative Artist, is quickly getting the attention of many with her distinct sound and natural flow.

After releasing her first single, FULL ECLIPSE, just over one month ago, CHY, was set to drop her first collaborative track, NINTENDO,
with hot-spitta, JERM DEEEZY, this October!

NINTENDO, her second visual release, is not about the fun and games you may nostalgically think about when hearing the name. Instead, it feels like you plugged in your new system for the first time, and brings tons and tons of energy and excitement.

CHY, was not only able to capture her audience’s attention with her latest visual, she allowed her creative side to blossom and she demonstrated her multiple talents, in which, she directed her visual, NINTENDO. Along with the help from local Sacramento Videographer, BUBSOP, they cooked up an instant classic!

Although, NINTENDO, is an highly energetic hype song, it includes hints of deeper expression and encouraging lyrics.

NINTENDO, is about claiming control over your own life through any hardships one may have endured. While staying on your own path of success, rather than playing along and falling in line. Like Others.

(Video Promoted by CHY)