“Cutting corners is devaluing.” – JORIN

The follow-up EP to CLARITY, his latest and hottest release, REVELATIONS, is available everywhere now. In this project, JORIN gives you the full range of emotion and delivers it with his own unique style.

From the hard reality of “LIFE CHANGES” to the upbeat vibes you vibe with from “UP” you’re getting everything this man has to offer.

The only question is “Can JORIN live up to the quality, raw emotion, and honest lyricism that he brought with CLARITY?”

JORIN has actually raised the bar for himself going into REVELATIONS and has exceeded his critics expectations. The incredible speed at which he cranked out another hit EP has us wondering how many bangers he has in the vault. His fans are wondering if he has more tracks just stacked up in some seemingly endless vault, or has JORIN perfected the art of telling his story?

The only thing we can do at this point is enjoy the back-to-back projects until he shows us the tricks he has up his sleeves. We’ll be watching this man closely to see if he is 2-trick pony, or if he can somehow deliver another project at this level.

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