Sacramento-based Rapper, K. HELLA, brings it all to the table with a throwback style of witty and introspective lyrics layered over hypnotic self-produced rhythms.

Reminiscent of an Earlier Era in Hip-Hop, K. HELLA’s, music finds a way to fuse spacey melodies and bold lyricism similar to the likes of Travis McCoy, or even a young Mac Miller.

His first project, SHIFT, released in 2018 and saw a local success of roughly 100,000 hits between social media, music & video streaming platforms combined.

His second project, FOCUS, K. HELLA, delivers a raw account of the peaks and pitfalls of young adulthood, showing his artistic range with flashy bursts of confidence to deep dives into emotional bouts of self-actualization, resulting in the discovery of the ever-present need for more concentration.

Full of budding potential, K. HELLA is a rising artist pushing lyricism and traditional Hip-Hop production back into the limelight.

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