LIL FREEZIE, is a 24-Year-Old Artist from Sacramento, but currently doing her thing out in the Bay Area. No stranger to rocking a stage, LIL FREEZIE, is known to turn heads and hype up a crowd with fire bars and a cold ass vibe!

LOVE DRUNK, was an album I did for myself, honestly. I kept it very light for the most part, but I definitely did not hold back. I wanted to be able to experiment and express the different sides of myself and I think this album really encapsulated the messages I wanted to get across.

I think one of the most sentimental songs for me was ONLY UP (feat. YAAX) because I really did come so much farther than I ever believed I could, not only in music, but in life in general.

For the video, ONLY UP (feat. YAAX), I had my closest friends pull up and we shot right in front of my old elementary school in my old neighborhood and I think that energy really made such an impact on the video itself.
I never want to be fake about who I am or where I come from so this video really was kind of just my way of showing appreciation for where I’m from and who I have in my corner for me at this point in my life.

(Album and Video Promoted by Lil Freezie)